Ramonet warns about the failure of neoliberal policies

There is a widespread feeling that the inequalities of neoliberal globalization can no longer be accepted, said Spanish-French journalist Ignacio Ramonet on Thursday at the 12th International Congress University 2020.

“That cycle is over, just as the hegemony of the parent states that launched that ideology on a planetary level in the 1970s and 1980s is coming to an end, even if we don’t realize it,” he said.
Speaking at the meeting, he warned that the world is living a transcendental moment in which reflection and theory are more necessary than ever and in which the obligation of university students is to rethink the changes that impact society.

Our concern should be how to preserve the space of freedom in our societies to maintain a democratic project that allows us to build a fair society with fewer inequalities, he said.

Ramonet stressed that the reality of recent years is currently characterized by a “general rebellion” that does not show concrete objectives or a clear program, but whose revolts have the same impact on First World nations as on the less developed ones.

He indicated that manifestations such as those that have happened during the last year in Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, France, Spain, among other countries, are a consequence of the failures of the policies that have accompanied neoliberal globalization.

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