President of Cuba Tweets on next Book Fair

The Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel published a Tweet on the next 29th International Book Fair, to take place in Havana.

“The Book Fair beings on February 6th”, wrote Diaz-Canel in his Tweeter account, @DiazCanelB.

The book fair’s invited country this year will be the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and will be devoted to historian Ana Cairo Ballester and playwright Eugenio Hernandez Espinosa, National Theater Prize, added the president.

The organizers of the book fair extepct around 200 invitees from 44 countries, 74 editorials and 21 distributors. Four thousand titles are expected to be presented, 500 of them novelties, and a total of around 4 million books.

Besides Vietnam, Spain, Mexico and Peru will make presentations of their own, with Guatemala joining as expositor for the first time.

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