Cuban PM says Varadero is a world reference

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero highlighted in Varadero beach that this important tourist resort is currently an international benchmark, so he called to maximize its potentialities.

“Varadero has to become a little jewel. Tourism has to contribute more to the country’s economy, and the sector has to rely more on social media to promote and defend the Revolution,” Marrero said.

He noted that the tightening of the United States economic, commercial and financial blockade is unprecendented.

Marrero stated that, although in these 60 years, US presidents have reinforced measures, those established by President Donald Trump are unprecedented.

Marrero’s statements came after addressing participants in a meeting to analyze the tourist sector in Matanzas in 2019, held at Melia Marina Hotel in this beach resort, on the north coast of western Matanzas province, some 140 kilometers east of Havana.

Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia informed that some 42,593 tourists arrived in Varadero on December 31, a record for this coastal resort, despite Washington’s actions against Cuba, particularly against the leisure industry.

Garcia said that Varadero will host the International Tourism Fair, FitCuba 2020, the main trade fair of this sector, in May, with Russia as the guest of honor, so investments are being made to improve the image of the tourist resort, which is considered the second best beach in the world.

Varadero has more than 50 hotels and a capacity exceeding 21,952 rooms, along a coastline of 20 kilometers of fine white sand, and a 22-meter-wide sand strip.

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