To be happy lengthens the life

Who are happy with themselves and with the well-being reached in their lives they live their existence in a more lingering and healthier way in comparison with who you are always depressed and sad. 

For that reason the happiness could take in bill like an effective medicine to reach those achievements, and in passing free of the toxic or harmful effects of some of the laboratory medications. 

A clear reason of the reason of the linking is not still known between happiness and health. It could be considered to the constant misery as able to also produce a constant stress and that in no way is beneficial for the health, because he leaves creating a waste in the whole body. 

The results speak for themselves: 

Based on the obtained results of scientific investigations, the women in the decade of the fifty and that they enjoyed their lives they had a hope of life anything less than of 37 years more, in comparison with single 31 years among those depressed and unhappy with their lives. 

The happy ones will live 31 years more free of discapacity and 22 years more free of chronic illness, in comparison with about 21 years and 12 years respectively among those that are unhappy and they are depressed from those ages. 

It passed the same thing among the men of that same group of ages, because the happy ones had a hope of 33 year-old life more, in comparison with about 27 years among those depressed ones. 

Them, the happy ones with their lives, they could hope to almost live 30 years more free of discapacidad and 21 years free of chronic illness. This is in comparison with the 20 and 11 years, respectively, among the depressed men that don’t enjoy the life. 

But even to the 60, 70 and 80 years who enjoyed much of the life and they didn’t have depression they lived more and with a better health in relation to those that regrettably didn’t enjoy it. 

The members of the two happier sexes also spread to age in a calmer and more elegant way, according to the investigation. 

All coincide:

All the investigations to the respect outline that the happiest and more optimistic person has a bigger level of vital satisfaction and for that reason you spreads to be healthier and to live more time. People with a more positive attitude not alone they add more years to their life, but rather they also add more healthy life to their years. 

Who thinks that their health is excellent, even although he has some ailment, he is sending those positive signs to the body and they exist evidences that to be free of estrés and concerns liberates to the body and it maintains it desintoxicado of a great load. 

Another outlined possibility is that who are happier they simply spread to take some healthier lives with better lifestyles because they have something to live. As they like their lives, they spread to take care more than unhappy people, even avoiding toxic addictions as the tabaquismo or the alcohol, because they don’t need them like form of escape of their realities. 

For the depressed ones:

But there is a good news and it is that people can change their vital and mental attitude, of course, if they want it. 

The thought trains again, but it should have a deep personal recognition where it is recognized to make what should be made, and, it is also necessary to have a strong and sustained desire to make it. 

Important message to the parents:


But the parents listen, it is even better to learn the form of managing the estrés and to focus us in the pleasures of the life from the childhood. 

It is much more difficult to change some ingrained negative beliefs or pessimists that a precocious training toward some positive ones. 

While younger you begins, quicker they memorize and more deeply those thought patterns notice, because that achieved in some few weeks with the children can take several months or more, or perhaps never, although they receive therapy behavioral cognitivo and psychotherapy, in the adults.

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