Martí, culture and light

In each act against the light of those who irradiate culture, is present the absence of this. 
In each action against those who loved and they founded the Homeland, the absolute lack of the sense of the nationality is evidenced that brought us until here. 
Annexionists always had in the Cuban history and in them they looked for refuge the pretenses of those who saw to the Island like the mature fruit that he would fall for their own force in the strange hand. 
The life every time agrees with it to the Marti`s vision and pro-Castro that a town without culture is exposed, that it is Not only necessary to create, to ennoble, to be founded; but, also to explain to the detail to people why and for what reason each work is born. 
When you try to understand the reasons that can take to somebody to wrong, to offend, to insult sacred symbols, you find answer in the incultura and it dishonors it. 
In an occasion there was who it rebuked Armando Hart Dávalos when expressing him critically that he considered that everything was culture. The Cuban intellectual acquaintance, root martiano, responded: “she is in everything, and where he is not, he is the ignorance, the one on the way to the barbarism and also the lacking mediocrity of creative enthusiasm.” 

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