French parliamentary leader condemns US blockade against Cuba

François-Michel Lambert, president of the France-Cuba Friendship Group at the French National Assembly, on Sunday condemned the US blockade and its impact on the Caribbean island’s development.

The Cuban people are locked in their development options due to the blockade, the lawmaker said in a speech on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Association Cuba Cooperation France (CubaCoop), an event attebded by more than 570 guests, which concluded on early Sunday.

Lambert highlighted the work of the group he heads, due to its commitment to condemning the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington for more than five decades.

These are 70 parliamentarians, the fifth largest group in the French National Assembly, who regardless of their political color, have a unanimous and systematic position against the blockade and in favor of solutions, so that France can have a normal economic relationship with a sovereign country, he warned.

According to the environmental lawmaker and representative from Bouches-du-Rhône department, the legislators show a great commitment, interest and willingness to support Cuba.

He also acknowledged the work done by CubaCoop, an association that is involved in dozens of cooperation projects that, in coordination with local authorities, have benefited thousands of Cubans in Havana, Cienfuegos, Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba.

Regarding Havana, Lambert highlighted his participation, along with former French President François Hollande and a CubaCoop delegation in the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Cuban capital in November 2019.

Mass media do not reflect the reality and dynamism of Havana, he noted.

Hollande, Cuban Ambassador to France Elio Rodríguez, Cuba’s permanent representative at UNESCO, Yahima Esquivel; the national secretary of the Communist Party of France (PCF), Fabien Roussel; CubaCoop founder Roger Grevoul, and current President Victor Fernandez attended the event, at which representatives of almost 70 French companies participated.

The former French head of State highlighted the Cubans’ courage to deal with the Donald Trump administration’s hostility, and praised the Cuban doctors who offer their solidarity in several nations worldwide.

For his part, Ambassador Rodriguez expressed gratitude for the support given by several sectors from French society, and said that despite the blockade and Washington’s aggressiveness, Cuba will remain firm and maintain its progress on te path of development.

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