Scientific and Technological Park of Havana legally established

The rector of the University of Computer Science (UCI), Walter Baluja García, and Claudio Viqueira López, president of the Sociedad Mercantil Telefónica Antillana S.A., led Thursday the act of incorporation of the Mercantile Society that gives legal life to the Scientific and Technological Park of Havana (3CE).

In the ceremony held at UCI, notary public Leila Fernández Aguilar, from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Cuba, stated that the Havana Technology Park would operate under the modality of mercantile and anonymous societies, under the rectorship of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment (Citma). 

The company will manage and provide essential technological and value-added services that guarantee its operation. Besides, it will manage research, development, and innovation projects associated with information and communication technologies and will enable the creation, incubation, and maintenance of new technology-based entities.

The Rector of the University of Computer Science pointed out that Cuba needs to take advantage of its human capital in the ICT branch.

“Given the economic adversities caused by the economic blockade imposed by the US government, it is necessary to energize the business world and insert that science and creativity to create products and services that are exportable.”

In what constituted the first meeting of the mercantile society Rafael Luis Torralbas Ezpeleta was appointed president of the Park.

In its operations, the technology park will have a Special Tax Regime, a Special Customs Treatment with facilities for importing goods and services, and special logistics facilities.

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