Despite US blockade, tourism markets reaffirm their presence in Cuba

It is known that Cuban tourism was affected in 2019 by the travel bans imposed by the White House, whose only purpose is isolating Cuba to cause economic losses. However, the criteria of specialists suggest that despite this tightening of the blockade, several markets were strengthened and others grew up.

In this regard, the National Office of Statistics and Information (ONEI by its Spanish acronym) recently published that last December the tourist sector in the country registered a decrease of 9,3%, with 4,275.558 visitors arriving in the country, which means 436,352 less than in the same period of the previous year.

However, although in general terms the figures show a decrease due, among other causes, to the reduction of cruise ship arrivals in Cuba, it is valid to point out that the Canadian market continues consolidating as the main issuer of visitors to the Caribbean island, with 1,119.853 arrivals, figure higher than the 1,109.339 of the same period in the previous year.

Russa also joins this significant increase, since 176,964 Russian tourists visited Cuba, figure that exceeds 136,613 in the previous period.

Likewise, the Cuban community living abroad has increased its presence in the country, since 623,922 people visited the archipelago, exceeding 600,306 in 2018, even though Cubans living in other nations, mainly the United States, are the most affected by the measures of the US State Department.

During 2019, the Ministry of Tourism launched the Authentic Cuba campaign in various nations of the world, including Bulgaria, Argentina and Romania, with the aim of strengthening the country as a safe destination for those who seek to enjoy the modality of sun and beach but also the well-known city tourism.

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