And I made myself Teacher that is to become Creator: Iris Leyva proposal inspired by José Martí

The life and work of José Martí has inspired many, be already artists or not. Its universality, its patriotism, its thought… they motivate writers, painters, film directors…    

This time is Iris Leyva Acosta who exposes, starting from this Friday, its proposal in the gallery of the José Martí Brief, in the Revolution Square of this city. 

And I made myself Teacher that is to become Creator, it is an exhibition that brings near us to the life and work of our National Hero who it exercised in several moments this work: that of Teacher; but not alone it was students’ guide, but also of the town. 

In Guatemala he gave classes in the Normal School, it was professor of Literature and of History of the Philosophy in the Ability of Philosophy and Letters in the Central University and it imparted composition classes in the Academy of Girls of Center America. In Venezuela and United States was also important its legacy in the teaching. 

Being professor became his main means of life, but it also imparted gratuitously many classes. Not single Teacher in the classroom, he was the guide of the patriotic work. 

José Martí’s figure is not reflected for the first time in Iris Leyva painting. The topic is recurrent in this artist of the plastic one. His exhibitions have been The rose small shoes, May Night, and so on… 

Graduate of the National Art School and graduate in Plastic Education, in this titled proposal And I made myself Teacher that is to become Creator, she offers a range of knowledge, emotions and feelings that, as it aims the place web Cubarte, they make of the thought of Marti a great philosophical mosaic where they occupy space, the fondness, the love, the science, the investigation and the passion and a commitment with the future that made it be consequent with their ideas until ending up giving their life for the sake of that with what dreamt and in what believed.

MELM/traducción: Julio Alberto Jiménez

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