UPEC presents intellectual Graciela Pogolotti with Dignity Award

The Cuban Journalists Association –UPEC- has presented the Dignity Award to renowned Cuban intellectual Graziella Pogolotti.

Graziella Pogolotti Jacobson – PhD in Philosophy and Letters from the University of Havana- is a regular columnist in the country’s media, such as Cubadebate and the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, an art critic and researcher.

As published by the Cubaperiodistas.cu website, UPEC President Ricardo Ronquillo presented the recognition to the 2005 National Literature Prize on the grounds of the Havana based Cuban History Institute (located in the former Aldama Palace), and as part of the workshop underway there to debate on and highlight the cultural and educational connotations of the media project Universidad del Aire.

Ronquillo said that Dr. Pogolotti’s journalistic work allows Cuba to understand its challenges and its mysteries: what it has been, what it wants to be and what it could not have been. He also stressed that in the President of the Alejo Carpentier Foundation, as in that of other outstanding Cuban intellectuals, such as Armando Hart, there is an obsession to strengthen the need for education and culture in the construction of the country.

In the tribute to Pogolloti, the President of the Cuban History Institute, Yoel Cordoví, recalled the cultural and pedagogical experience that was the Universidad del Aire radio show, in which she participated with just 23 years. “We are in the presence of a work of culture and intelligence, but also of commitment that overflows any generational boundary to adhere to the ethics of the Revolution,” he said. The Institute has the show’s original recordings, said Cordoví, which preserve the interventions of many intellectuals that gave life to such a university extension work: Universidad del Aire.

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