Cuba ratifies solidarity with Venezuela

The member of the secretariat of the Communist Party of Cuba, Victor Gaute, has ratified the firm and unwavering solidarity of the island with the Bolivarian Revolution and President Nicolás Maduro.

During the inauguration of the World Anti-Imperialist Meeting held in Caracas, Gaute affirmed that the Caribbean nation brings to this event a message of unity, cooperation and solidarity with Venezuela and all the just causes of world.

In his speech, the Cuban representative called for the defense of peace and the struggle to stop a new imperialist military intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean, which will damage the independence and sovereignty of the peoples from the Rio Grande to the Patagonia.

“Cuba and Venezuela are not responsible for the anger of the peoples who rebel against neo-liberalism that they intend to impose with blood and fire,” he emphasized.  He added that the Cuban Revolution will always be in solidarity with Venezuela.

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