A town caravan in Havana

This Wednesday January 8th combatants of the Cuban Revolution, outstanding youths and the town of the capital remember the entrance of the Caravan from the Freedom to Havana. 

At 9:20 o’clock (local time) the greeting began to the symbolic Caravan, in the Gomera Julio Antonio Dents, first place in which they stopped that January of 1959 the bearded ones triumphant, led by our unbeaten one Major in Boss Fidel Castro Ruz. 

Then the journey included the Brewery Guido Pérez, where he was carried out a cultural political act and he remembered the exchange sustained by Fidel with its workers. 

And later students and workers greeted the step of the Caravan for the whole Cotorro, and in the park April 9 a floral offering was deposited in homage to the martyrs of this action. 
Also in the Virgin of the Road, in the municipality San Miguel del Padrón, the whole town was added later minutes to the homage and greeting of the historical cortege. 

In a second moment and reissuing the historical journey the Caravan carried out a stop in the old State bigger than the Marina, current Group of the Managerial Administration (GAE), in the Avenue of the Port, to continue to the Museum of the Revolution. 
Already in the formerly Presidential Palace a cultural political act was developed, remembering January 8th, 1959, when Fidel spoke to the town from the north terrace. 

From the Cotorro to the Museum of the Revolution the new generations received and they surrendered deserved homage to the symbolic Caravan of the Freedom, to 61 years of their triumphant entrance to Havana commanded by Fidel.

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