Cuban president highlights the importance of workers’ involvement in the economic debate

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel has described as “indispensable” the input that workers should provide during the upcoming debates on the island´s economic plan for 2020.

He said they should answer questions such as what we are going to produce and how we are going to do it, how we are going to save and on what lines, and what to design for exporting more. 

On Wednesday, the Head of State and part of the government´s Economy Team participated in the debate on the economic plan with the top leadership of the island´s Trade Union Federation (CTC).

According to the presidency´s website, representatives from the 15 union branches and of the National Union of Innovators were on hand.

The President urged participants to turn the discussion into an attractive process in which everyone feels part of and is requested to contribute ideas and measures to successfully fulfill the proposed plan.

The President stressed that this discussion should become a continuous process, which allows a permanent evaluation of the plan´s compliance. 

Likewise, it will allow making any change or update as needed.

Some of the priorities of Cuba´s economic plan for 2020, include increasing and and diversifying exports., replacing imports, and maintaining and increasing saving measures.

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