A new year full with plans to waits for us

Some persons say with reason: how quick it left this year!, others found it longer; however, for most, at least in Cuba, it lapsed as a blow for that occupied that we were the 12 months that it lasted the 2019. 
The Cubans celebrate the year end, the arrival of the new one and the anniversary 61st of the victory of the Revolution that in 1959 with the historical leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro to the front, emancipated forever to the Island.
Buried some in the studies, others in the work; as well as in other activities that filled their lives, the time passed and it arrived December with its recount and expectations for the 2020. 
This month has a special meaning for most of people because it also marks the end of the year that we live, it is when we think of what we have made in that period, how we made it and in what we still have left that, of course, we will leave for the next one that is to the doors. 
December is also a special month because the air smells different: it is breathed more courtesy and kindness among people and there is an interest marked to prepare a special dinner in family for the day 31 keeping in mind each member’s individual likes. 
It is also the moment to make gifts to people that we want, and of meeting with them before it concludes the year, of thinking if we take advantage of the time well, if perhaps we should change work to improve, if it was time to have a son, of to make more social life and to go to cinemas and theaters, or to go from trips to the field to enrich the spirit, in short, it is also one month to think of the future. 
For the occasion a different cloth will be chosen and the cutleries and glasses will be used only dedicated to celebrations like that. The Cuban likes of having the neat house that day that was painted of course previously. 
Will somebody exist in Cuba that that night, is a dinner in general, don’t eat pig, pig, or male, that is to say, that animal that in spite of the harmful of its meat, do all adore in the Island? He is not firm because the diets and other alimentary restrictions are left for next year. 
Different it is also December because it offers the opportunity to trace us new plans in those that we don’t think the rest of the months. Among the good known projects they are, of course, to get off weight, maybe to change the color of the hair and to renovate the clothier, the women, and to make exercises and to find the ideal couple, some and other, if they are single. 
For all it will be important to use for the first time the days with the things that more they compensate us and that, mainly, they are in our own hands to get, so that it is essential that each one sometimes discovers their own illusions among the infinite ways that it gives us the life of perceiving the beauty and the joy, in details that they happen inadvertent. 
The essential thing will turn out to preserve as our most valuable treasures the family, the love, the friends, the children and the work that at the same time of providing us a honest form of living also offers the benefit of the utility. 
Absolutely anything meritorious for our existence it could be in the objects material many times reason of discussions, and that with the time they wear out and they destroy. 
Fuentes of rejoicing would be the knowledge that contains the virtue, the contact with the nature and the art, and also the to go and to come foreseeing in each corner the surprise that will make us more gratificante the life. 
Of ourselves it will depend that 2020 and those to come are good years; we only have left to live them while we think that once again everything is to make and to discover. 
The certain thing is that December is a month of reflections, of analyzing how we were that year and the way of ending up being better the next one, that that is when bending of the corner and that he waits for us to congratulate us.

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