Cuban alternative music festival celebrates 61 years of Revolution

The First Atenas Fusión Festival of alternative music will begin here today and run through December 29, as part of the extensive cultural program to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

The event will take place in the area next to the Entre Puentes Cultural Center, on the banks of the San Juan River, one of the three rivers that cross this western city, and will feature the presence of outstanding exponents of alternative musical genres.

David Torrens, Adrian Berazain, Karamba, David Blanco and Toques de Rio will perform. The organizers of the event confirmed that the municipal and provincial governments of Matanzas and the local branch of the Artex enterprise were sponsoring the festival.

Hiram Torres, general producer, explained to the press that in the mid-1990s, the Cuban rock movement began in Matanzas in cultural centers and with live concerts, which led to the founding of the Atenas Rock Festival, which has now reached its 20th edition.

“Something similar is happening with this project. A few months ago we brought to the city groups of the Cuban musical vanguard like Frank Delgado, Tony Avila, among others, and it was necessary to create a bigger event,” he told the local weekly Girón.

“I think it’s an ideal moment to hold an alternative music festival, after 325 (anniversary of Matanzas in 2018) and the reopening of the Sauto Theater; in what stands out as a resurgence of the city known as the Athens of Cuba,” Torres said.

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