TODAS Project rescues historical memory of feminists in Cuba

The Cuban socio-cultural project, TODAS, will carry out in 2020 several actions to rescue women’s historical memory, the leader of the initiative, filmmaker Marilyn Solaya, announced.

The opening of the activities will take place on January 30 at the Palacio del Segundo Cabo, in the historic center of the capital, which will be curated and coordinated by historian Neida Peñalver Diaz, a member of the Ibero-American and African Network of Men (based in Riyadh).

The exhibition, which will be designed by Miguel Monkc, will include dozens of photographs, which will document various women’s conferences, marches and activities led by women in the first half of the twentieth century and which complemented the audiovisual research.

The exhibition will accompany the screening of the documentary of the same name premiered in Cuba last June and was very well received at the XI International Festival of Invisible Cinema in Bilbao, Spain, as well as at the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema, held recently.

Both the exhibition and the film have as their premise, “to connect the past with the present and reflect that constant struggle of each woman to occupy a dignified place in all social spheres, which reaches the present,” Solaya told Prensa Latina.

The selection marks a timeline from the forerunners of feminism in Cuba to the 1940 Constitution and will grow to the present day by theme, explained the Cuban filmmaker who is known for her debut film, “Vestido de Novia” (Wedding Gown).

Likewise, Solaya stressed that the exhibition will mark the beginning of a long journey of vindication to dismantle the belief that the suffragist and feminist movement did not exist on the island, since ignorance has led to the invisibility of women in history.

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