The force of some enormous wings

A singular project, of sensitive repercussion in the Cuban society is it Doves, to the front of the one which and as coordinator general funge the leadership of who the admiration of so many people has been won in Cuba and the world: Lizett Vila.

If in the efforts coordinativos of a project of this magnitude many people and institutions that facilitate to project and to execute their actions of wide educational spectrum, intervene it doesn’t fit doubt that the teaching and the passion deposited by Lizett in each one of the extensions of the same one have given an unmistakable stamp to their results.

The project, been founded in the year 2002, has as mission the coordination and organization of actions them to foment a culture of peace and allow the diffusion of changes in the lifestyles inspired by an inclusion precept of which we are part all.

Doves direct their vision proactiva toward plural spaces and social groups that suffer the exclusion like practice of decadent values, which slow the transformation processes in those that they settles the development of the civic culture.

The inclusive spectrum of the project as for required problems of attention is a true priority, of there the ethical commitment of its members and the unanimous support of all those that have felt to modify its lives under the beneficent effects of these humanist purposes.

Among the multiple actions that they illustrate the wealth of reaches of this movement the realization of works that they have left deep print in the audiovisual one highlight Cuban: A woman without face; Against the silencio…una woman; The wanted justice; exhibitions of painting, pictures and ceramic; creation of associate groups for different interests (obesity, cancer of the suckles, prostate illnesses, survivors of gender violence) and the promotion of the essences that they intervene in the processes of the socio-cultural behavior.

The project Doves possesses the force of enormous wings.

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