Anniversary 46th of the General Office of the Republic of Cuba

The children never lie neither they hide feelings and this Monday the kids team La Colmenita felt to pleasure, they danced and they played – as they make it with their parents -, with workers of the General Office of the Republic of Cuba that work in Havana.

Around 20 district attorneys they were honored by their services during several years in this organ, concerning being completed the anniversary 46 of their constitution.

Who stood out in the execution of missions the stamp 500 anniversary of the foundation of the village and Niurka Mirurgia Silveira Pacheco received it deserved the Giraldilla of Havana.

Mirurgia has been integrated for 28 years to this activity, today she works in the Provincial Department of Attention to the Citizen and she is frequent collaborator of the segment Guarantors of the legality, of the Magazine Novelties, in Metropolitan Radio.

In the name of the honored Delmarys Negret Barrientos, of the Department of Penal Processes, said that they represent to who contribute to the execution of tasks assigned by the address of the country with sacrifice spirit and sense of ownership, that which they will continue making with discipline, unit and organization.

She also called to intensify the car preparation in a general way and especially of the youths.

To the act, carried out in the theater of the Center of Genetic Engineering and Immunology, they attended authorities of the Communist Party of Cuba, the Government, the Union of Jurists, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Cuba and the Office.

Poets and singers shared with those entertained and they dedicated interpretations to the near anniversary of the Victory of the Revolution.

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