Macbeth with a Cuban touch in Havana Theater

Macbeth will be staged at the Adolfo Llauradó Theater on December 6, 7 and 8 as part of the British Culture Festival in Havana.

With a Cuban touch by Raúl Martin and Teatro de la Luna, the Shakespeare classic is, together with Hamlet, one of the most profound plays of the Shakespearean universe, premiered in 1606.

According to the Cuban theater director, it is in tune with the current times. The three performances will have a luxury cast of Cuban actors, such as Jorge Caballero, Yaikenis Rojas, Roberto Romero, Amauri Millán, Freddy Maragoto, Luis Manuel Álvarez, and others.

With costumes by Celia Ledón, the piece will feature live musicians on stage – in the characters of the witches – and videos.

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