Chilean lawmaker says only solution to crisis is Piñera’s resignation

The representative from Frente Amplio, Pamela Jiles, talked to The Clinic newspaper about the social protests that have shaken Chile and that have revealed the vulnerability of a political and economic system that the vast majority of citizens no longer tolerates.

Jiles stated that her duty as a member of Parliament is to constitutionally accuse President Sebastian Piñera and explained that “the ‘exit from the crisis’ — as the elite likes to say — can be only be the departure of Piñera.  It cannot be otherwise: he has seriously jeopardized the security of the nation, has plunged the country into misgovernment and is the main — although not the only — responsible party for the deaths of those he must protect.”

Furthermore, the Chilean politician pointed out that changes done to the cabinet are just a ruse to try to stop the popular rebellion and the constitutional accusation to the president. She also called the measures delivered by him “a lousy joke, a mockery!”

“I believe that we have not yet reached the maximum expression of this civil disobedience. (…) They will not be able to placate people, they will appear through the cracks, through the windows, through the roof, through the drains of their beautiful mansions.  They are going to get into the microphones of the morning notaries, in the official acts, in their pizzerias and their elegant marriages.  They are going to take over the plazas and public buildings with this new hope.  They are going to send to hell all those who betray them (…)”

Another relevant matter in the exchange with Pamela Jiles was her take about the way and language surrounding the protest movement.  She expressed that social speech is based on two architectural elements: “On the one hand, the economics of language exercised in social networks.  This allows us to quickly supplant the official discourse, delegitimize it and overcome it.  The second element of discourse is common sense.”

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