Síntesis in concert in Washington DC

The famous Cuban band Síntesis is holding a concert in Washington D.C.’s John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Monday. The center’s Millennium Stage in the US capital, which was the venue of a successful Cuban Arts Festival May 8/June 3, 2018, will welcome the Cuban band, considered a pioneer of the fusion of rock, jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Síntesis, with more than four decades of existence, is one of the most avant-garde and iconic contemporary Cuban musical groups. It also combines songs in Spanish with others in their original African languages​​ to create a unique style that lure critics and audiences alike. According to the cultural center, the band’s work, with more than 60 international tours, has enabled the new generations of Cubans to recognize themselves in the Afro-Cuban musical legacy from a contemporary point of view.

In addition to the Washington D.C. show, Síntesis will give a lecture on October 4 at Harvard University, in Massachusetts, on the African heritage in Cuban culture and music, thus joining a select list of performers and intellectuals from the Caribbean island invited to lecture on the subject by the prestigious university, the oldest such higher education institution in the United States. Síntesis is also scheduled to give a concert on October 5 at the The Beehive jazz club in the city of Boston.

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