First Chinese Film Festival opens in the Cuban capital

The First Chinese Film Festival in Cuba opens at Havana on Tuesday with the attendance of film directors and scriptwriters from the Asian country.

La Rampa and Multicine Infanta Movie Theaters are screening contemporary films from the Asian Giant until August 18.

A delegation of the country’s artistic and literary world and from the Chinese Film Association has travelled to the Caribbean island for the cultural gathering.

The comedy Beijing’s Family, directed by Chen Gang in 2014, will open the cultural gathering at La Rampa Movies Theater, featuring a traditional Chinese family and its relationship with a young Colombian girl that will revolutionize the lives of family members at home.

For his part, Director Zang Yibai is set to present I Belong to you, a ticket box movie in Asia, dealing with the love of three types of young people, highlighting universal feelings.

Other films include Go Away, Mr. Tumor by Han Yang; The Brilliant Girl by Wan Ran; and the King Monkey: the Hero Comes Back. China currently produces more than one thousand movies every year and for the festival the Asian nation’s Film Association has brought movies that show the traditional culture of China and its contemporaneity.

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