Iconic Coppelia ice cream parlor reopens after restoration

The world-renowned Coppelia ice cream parlor will reopen its doors this Tuesday, after a wide-ranging rehabilitation process that included the parlor and the factory that will supply it

In the presence of Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Havana and Reynaldo García Zapata, president of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, this project located in the capital’s Vedado was officially inaugurated on Monday.

Amaury Martinez, director of the center, told the press that the repair lasted 55 days and all areas were benefited, with a cost of 3.4 million pesos.

The cathedral of the Cuban ice cream, as it is also known to the center, saw recovered its green areas, signage, lighting, furniture as well as the carpentry of the tower.

A room called Cuatro Joyas (Four Jewels) was created, with high benefits and in which services will be offered in convertible pesos.

The refrigeration equipment and supplies are new and the ice cream that will be provided in all spaces of the place will be brand Coppelia.

The factory that produces the ice cream has the capacity to supply up to 15 flavors to Coppelia; in the court and the tower eight are foreseen, and seven in the other areas.

Martinez reported that will be offered between 22 and 26 specialties, some of which incorporate fruits.

The country’s effort to renew the beauty of the place must also be perceived in the improvement of customer service and for that commitment we will work, everything we do will be to dignify our people, said the director.

He also commented that the ice-cream parlour is commonly visited by eight thousand people every day, and about 12 thousand in the summer.

Coppelia will also reach its 53rd anniversary, as Cuba’s most famous ice cream parlor was founded on June 4, 1966, on a piece of land on which a hospital and amusement park had previously been built, and a 50-story building had even been planned.

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