Economic Centers Priorities of the Cuban President in Holguín

Economic and production centers are among the priorities of the visit started today by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel and the Council of Ministers to the eastern province of Holguín

On his first day in that territory, the Cuban President visited the Sugar Cane harvesters called 60th Anniversary of the October Revolution; the 26 de Julio Heroes factory , producer of agricultural implements; the Dairy Products enterprise; and a mini-industry.

Accompanied by members of the Council of Ministers, the President exchanged in the Sugar Cane Harvesters Company on the improvement of the salary system and production planning of spare parts for machinery, among other issues.

He also talked about its fundamental challenges such as diversifying production, directing the plan towards export, linking up with foreign investment and executing a new sustainable project.

The Cuban president later went to the 26th July Factory, where he shared thoughts with workers and executives of the facility.

Later, in the dairy products company, Díaz-Canel learned about the peculiarities and transformation of its cheese production to raise the quality of the product, demanded both in the tourism sector and the population.

In addition, he noted the need to increase and diversify production for the people, replace imports, create the basis for future exports, as well as ensure the quality and safety of food.

In the Mini-Industry of Select Fruits, the President referred to the importance of the initiatives to contribute with the feeding Cubans, one of the priorities of the government of the island.

As part of the activities of the Council of Ministers, Cuban Vice-President, Roberto Morales, visited the University of Holguín, which has an enrollment of more than 11,000 students.

At the university, Morales called for social media coverage of its daily work, because it is, he said, the best way to defend the Cuban Revolution.

Vice President Inés María Chapman, for her part, checked actions related to the rational use and service of water in the municipality of Banes.

Also, the Minister of Communications, Jorge Luis Perdomo, exchanged with the workers of the provincial headquarters of the Cuban Telecommunications Company (Etecsa) about the program of computerization of society.

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