Attempted opposition coup in Venezuela neutralized

Venezuelan Vice President of Communications Jorge Rodríguez denounces coup attempt by a small group of military officers and calls on the people to protect the peace

Vladimir Padrino López, Venezuelan Minister of Defense, affirmed on Twitter, «The Bolivarian National Armed Forces stand firm in defense of the National Constitution and its legitimate authorities,» adding that all military units are deployed in the eight Integrated Defense Regions and report normalcy in their barracks and military bases, under the command of their established commanders.

He further stated, referring to the coup plotters, «They are cowards! We will stand firm in defense of the constitutional order and peace of the Republic, assisted as we are by law, reason, and history. Always loyal, never traitors! «

In this regard, Venezuelan authorities insisted on the need to maintain calm and unity, reporting that the national territory remains in complete tranquility, including Caracas. The president of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, confirmed that the Carlota airbase was not occupied by opposition forces, as some have claimed, teleSUR reported.

«No military installation in the country has been encroached upon, they (Bolivarian National Armed Forces ) are on the street in the Altamira interchange and are directing operations from La Carlota Air Base,» he explained.
Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced the support of the Colombian and United States governments of the latest coup attempt, according to the Prensa Latina.

«Washington and Bogota have planned all the unsuccessful unconstitutional actions of recent months in Venezuelan territory,» Arreaza tweeted, and denounced a statement by Colombian President Iván Duque calling on the Venezuelan people to reject the “dictatorship and usurpation of Maduro.»

Meanwhile international reactions in support of the constitutional government in Venezuela were not long in coming, condemning the coup attempt and any violence that might lead to loss of life.

Bolivian President Evo Morales wrote on his Twitter account, “It would set an ominous precedent to let coup plotters gain ground in the region. Dialogue and peace must prevail over the coup.”

Venezuelan Vice President of Communications Jorge Rodríguez reported this morning that a coup attempt by a small group of military officers has been neutralized.

On his Twitter account, Rodríguez warned of the group’s subversive activities, “We inform the people of Venezuela that at this time we are confronting and neutralizing a small group of military traitors who positioned themselves on the Altamira interchange to promote a coup against the Constitution and the Republic’s peace.”

The Venezuelan government has called on the people to assemble around Miraflores Presidential Palace to denounce the attempted coup.

Miguel Díaz-Canel , President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, tweeted, “We reject this coup movement that attempts to fill the country with violence. The traitors who have placed themselves at the forefront of this subversive movement have deployed troops and police with military weapons on one of the city’s public highways to create anguish and terror.”

For his part, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla strongly condemned the attempted coup in Venezuela and reiterated Cuba’s firm support and solidarity to the Constitutional President of this sister nation.

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