Downpours of May

The Law of the Terrestrial Waters already exists, now it is time to know it, to use it and to enforce it, says expert of National Institute of Hydraulic Resources

By Inés María Miranda

 Aguacero de mayo, agua que va caer (Downpour of May, water that will fall), this is a refrain of a well-known Cuban conga that announces the outstanding meteorological event of the fifth month of the calendar. The present year has been particularly abundant in rainfalls, unlike the same periods of recent years marked by an intense and prolonged drought.

For some time now, and as a consequence of the adverse climatic phenomenon, the rains of the humid period in Cuba, more or less intense and copious, began to appear in June or July. that popular refrain was no longer applicable.

Now that the surface reservoirs and the water table are benefiting, we must do more for the saving and rational use of this resource. With availability of the liquid it is feasible to preserve it in order to have a reservoir when it is scarce.

In this favorable context for water sources and watersheds of the archipelago, it is apropiate to recognize that the preservation, care and quality of water for the whole society is possible due to the concern and occupation of the Cuban revolutionary State, which implements policies in this regard and already has its law of the terrestrial waters, passed last year by the National Assembly of People´s Power that orders the integrated and sustainable management of the waters.

In this regard, the Master of Science, engineer Argelio Omar Fernández Richelme, main specialist of the Hydrological Service and Water Availability Office, of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources comments on this site.

“The main thing of the new water law is that as law it already exists and has its rules of application and operation. Now it comes a process in which we all must take ownership of the law, we all must know it, learn how to use it and enforce it. “

Translated by ESTI

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