Cuban IT technicians develop e-government projects

Members of the Union of Informaticians of Cuba (UIC) in the province of Camagüey are developing projects that focus on e-government, one of the main objectives of the computerization strategy in the territory

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Aimed primarily at making the population’s procedures viable, the initiatives will complement the first stage of the expansion of access to information and communications technologies (ICT), which in Camagüey initially focused on culture and recreation.
In an interview with the ACN, Reynaldo Alonso Reyes, president of the UIC in the province, said that entities such as Community Services, Physical Planning, Law Firms, and Labor and Social Security benefit from the projects, which emerged from the Master’s Degree in Applied Informatics at the University of Camagüey.

He highlighted the example of the Process Management System in the Necropolis of Camagüey, which allows the automated management of information on funeral and necrological procedures, both for the internal area of the Directorate of Community Services and for public access through mobile applications.

The population may be notified of the dates of exhumations, the availability of cemetery spaces, the request for procedures, the issuance of complaints and the management of patrimonial properties in the cemetery, the oldest in Cuba still in operation, explained Alonso Reyes.

This system will represent the province at the upcoming National Digital Government Day, to be held in Mayabaque from June 5-8, the president of the UIC in Camagüey added.

With similar approaches, other projects will bring the population closer to the experience and specialization of the lawyers, to the job offers and vacancies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and to the procedures of the Institute of Physical Planning.

According to Alonso Reyes, the projects are part of the Technology Use and Development Plan of the Provincial Board of Directors, which also leads an incubator of ICT-related projects generated locally.

This and other topics will be discussed at the 1st Provincial Conference of the UIC, which will take place in this city on 9 June.

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