Cuban floods: National Highway closed to traffic in Villa Clara province

The National Highway at kilometer 254, located in Villa Clara, is completely closed to vehicular traffic because the waters of the Sagua la Grande River cover the road and the transfer is dangerous for cars and people

National Highway closed to traffic in Villa Clara province. (Photo: Cuban News Agency)
National Highway closed to traffic in Villa Clara province. (Photo: Cuban News Agency)

Juan José Medina, deputy director of the Provincial Water Resources Company, explained to the press that the floodgates of the Palmarito dam had been opened for hours because the reservoir exceeded the permissible limits. This situation led to an increase in the flow of the Sagua la Grande river and the flooding of the main road on the island.

He added that the maximum capacity of the dam is 80 million cubic meters and in the early hours of the morning it reached 79 million cubic meters, a reality that forced the evacuation of the water from the reservoir.

Lieutenant Colonel Heriberto Lopez, Provincial Traffic Chief in Villa Clara, said that for days the traffic on the highway has been regulated, with the presence of agents, the installation of barriers, specific signs and traffic lights, but today’s situation forces the total closure of the road.

These rains that accompany the subtropical storm Alberto also affect the traffic on other roads in the province, including the one that leads from Santa Clara to Camajuaní, and in Manicaragua there is damage to the road that leads to the town of Seibabo, he added.

He also said that the experts of the traffic management are attentive to the evolution of the waters along the central highway to take the necessary actions and avoid accidents or other damage.

He said that when conditions permit, the crossing will be restored on the roads that are closed today, but until then both pedestrians and drivers have the obligation to respect the closures.

Juan Carlos Ferriol González, deputy director of the Provincial Transport Company, explained to ACN that passenger bus departures are regulated in all 13 municipalities.

He recalled that in almost all the territories the waters exceed the level of the bridges, which hinders the circulation of vehicles.

He specified that all the means of transport necessary for the evacuation or transfer of the inhabitants from sites with greater flooding threats are activated.

Among the actions taken in Villa Clara in the face of this meteorological situation is the evacuation of some three thousand people, in addition to the suspension of classes at all levels of education and the activation of all the Councils and zones of defense.

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