Díaz-Canel insists on the sustainability of the revival work in the Cuban capital

On his second day of travel through the Cuban capital, Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of the Council of State and Ministers, visited on Thursday a new asphalt plant, the social workers’ club José Luis Tassende and the gastronomic complex of Zapata and 12

Miguel Diaz-Canel. (Photo: Estudios Revolución/Granma)

Havana is a beautiful city, what we have to do is to heal the wounds that time has left on it, Díaz-Canel told the press at the end of a two-day tour of the city on Thursday, during which he repeatedly insisted on the need to achieve sustainability in the restoration work being done as part of his 500th anniversary.

They are working tirelessly and, without making much noise, they have been rescuing places, he said. Now we are in function of the city’s half-millennium, but after that the revival must continue and with the participation of the people we will be recovering municipality by municipality, corner by corner, space by space, he said.

“Havana is going to show more of its beauty than the attributes of our people, it is part of the prosperity to which we all aspire and we want it to become a reality in the shortest possible time.

In dialogue with the media, Diaz-Canel Bermudez also spoke about strengthening the link between the central government and the provinces. On the particular case of the capital, he reiterated that it has to be addressed as a priority because its problems go beyond the possibilities of local institutions.

He also cited the experience of working in Santiago de Cuba, which has shown encouraging results and which, on the initiative of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, has been shared with other provinces.

These statements were made in the emblematic Havana corner of Zapata and 12, after visiting the recently inaugurated gastronomic complex, which has an ice-cream parlor, an artisan chocolate shop, a point of sale for bread and sweets, as well as a cafeteria with a large number of people.

The Cuban President spoke with several customers who were currently making their purchases, some of them from other municipalities in the capital, who agreed on the quality of the products and on the desire to maintain the variety of assortments and the good treatment of the population over time.

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