Hotel Plaza: living with the Flavour of the Past

The hotel receives guests from all over the world, and the local residents still live with the historical ambience that has always distinguished it

Ana Margarita Sánchez Soler

The busy street corner shares its location with other business since 1909.

The Plaza Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Havana,and it is surrounded by a number of wonderful examples of architecture close to Paseo del Prado and a few steps away from the Gran Teatro de La Habana. Having been around for many years, the building has many charming stories about its different owners who used to live there. It also highlights the presence of distinguished guests lodged in comfortable rooms who turned their stay into memorable memories.

At the start, the building which was redesigned as the hotel it is today, was a magnificent mansion owned by the Pedroso family in 1895. Three years later, the home became the head offices of the El diario de la Marina newspaper, a rich era for political events led by anti-autonomists.

Purchased by the American Fletcher Smith in 1901, the property is redesigned as a luxury hotel. Its official opening was on January 1909 with a splendid charity dance.

From the opening to the present day, many visitors have left their vestiges in the majestic hotel. Scholars have metioned Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian dancer; the Jewish community which hosted a banquet in tribute to Albert Einstein. We also remember other personalities from around the world such as English dancer Isadora Duncan and the American baseball player Babe Ruth, as frequent visitors.

Guests come from all over the world and the local residents still live with the historical ambience that has always distinguished it. Our best wishes for success to the hotel staff and to those who have labored to preserve the unique magic of this famous hotel in Havana.

Translated by ESTI

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