Artistic Creation and Economic Crisis in Cuba (1988-1992)

A necessary text to promote cultural studies on our society

By: Ana Margarita Sánchez Soler

Artistic creation and economic crisis in Cuba (1988-1992), by the author Jorgelina Guzmán Moré, from the Ciencias Sociales publishing house, is a volume that belongs to the select repertoire of Cuban authors interested in main themes of contemporary culture.

Conceived as a cultural process, not exempt from contradictions and always qualified by the continuous controversies and reviews around cultural policies and its constant and critical dialogue with Cuban society, the book expands on the natural self-confidence of the author, who communicates with truths and avoids rhetorical fiction about unattainable projects.

Among the fundamental chapters of the text and that quickly gain the attention of the readers, they emphasize:  The plastic artists redefine their social function, the promotion of the Cuban culture abroad or the impact of the economic crisis in the sector.

The themes are developed with objectivity and intelligence in the will of its author to address a stage of our society, little studied, as it is the beginning of the Special Period and consequently, an invitation to rethink the economic, political and cultural life in order to decide the future of Cuba.

A necessary text to promote cultural studies on our society. Through its 187 pages, an admirable lucidity in the management and interpretation of the consulted sources is verified, as well as an exercise of the opportune and illuminating criterion.

Translated by ESTI

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