Labor Challenges in Health

The workers of the Health system in the capital analyze how to perfect the sector, in the assemblies to debate the convocation to the 21st Congress of the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC)

By Ricardo R. Gómez Rodríguez

Facebook is a digital platform supposedly created for relationships between friends on the Internet. But as in our world there are those who insist on politicizing everything, there now appear more social and political messages, than anything else.

It was on Facebook where I just read the text of someone, living in Miami, the United States, who complains about having to pay about $ 800 a month for his essential insulin treatment. That despite having a health insurance.

The man says that he must do that expense because of his diabetes, until he runs out of the available budget for it. And then what? I wonder.

It also complains about the fulfillment of previous electoral promises of North American parties, which ensured low costs and even gratuity in a subject as delicate as human health. Promises are promises and reality is another thing.

In Cuba, the assistance services are still perfectible, despite the effort and resources provided by the State.

Precisely an ideal space to discuss advances, difficulties and challenges of this system are the assemblies of discussion of the Convocation to the 21st Congress of the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC), which today take place in polyclinics, hospitals and other centers of the capital and the country.

Dr. Arleti Barazal Gutiérrez, general secretary of the branch union in Havana, said that some thirty collectives from more than 300 trade union sections made the reflections, initiated at the Hermanos Amejeira Hospital, in the municipality of Centro Habana, the Maternity Hospital of 10 de Octubre and the William Soler Pediatric Hospital , of Boyeros.

Among the main issues analyzed by the members of the union are the assistance to young workers, the strengthening of the trade union movement, and the encouragement of innovators, who for decades rescued equipment and means that somehow allow us to face the economic and commercial blockade of United States against Cuba.

Labor discipline and the fact that everyone can do his/her part to guarantee quality care to patients is also of paramount importance.

In Havana, Public Health has 162 trade union bureaus, to which the process will come, and whose leaders include in preparation process in order to play their role as true representatives of the workers.

Challenges are still many for Cuban health, but before the siren songs coming from the North, I prefer to join the labor and scientific challenges in order to perfect our social model, instead of following as an example the giant seven-league boots, where money has more value than human life.

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