Changes in Havana’s Trade and Catering Service

Several Changes in Trade and Catering Services were executed in Havana to salute workers of that branch at the beginning of this year

By Francisco Delgado

The social policy implemented by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and the provincial authorities seek the aim of providing the most consumed products and foods to the population, serving the communities with high percent of workers and long-lived people.

Cochinito and Siete Mares Restaurants, both belonging to the Provincial Restaurant Company, are part of the image changes that seek to renew its customers services and quality.

The menu is characterized by more than 20 main courses in both places. This allow the possibility of serving more than 100 costumers per day. It also has a continuous service starting at 12 noon and focuses on its cuisine and creole recipes in order to gradually increase their service specialization.

The Cochinito restaurant, has the roast pork, tamale casserole, ajiaco and the authentic drinks “Mojito” and “Piña Colada”, that are the attraction of those who visit the place combined with the exclusivity of its workers of kitchen and bar, its administrator Sergio Luis Manzano Rodríguez, said.

Questioned about the sales and profits of the unit, he explained that it reaches more than 8 thousand Cuban pesos per day, including earnings and advantages in the average wage of the workers.

Siete Mares, after remodeling their kitchen, interior floors and refrigeration chamber designs, has dishes based on seafood particularly shrimp and lobster, as well as first-class fish commercialized by COPMAR and PESCA CARIBE in different modalities.

The rescue of emblematic dishes of the restaurant as appetizers and main, including the “paella marinera” and the “filete especial 7 mares” with the grace of “home-made desserts”, the administrator of the restaurant Yosvany Pérez Labrada said in its statements to the web site.

The culinary project “Artechef”, an event of the Federation of Culinary Associations of Cuba, on 3rd and A Streets in Vedado, will open its doors with a transformation in its immovable property and supply, after the hurricane Irma.

Distinction of its working community, specialized in culinary art that includes in its curriculum the new editorial, present in the International Book Fair with more than 20 publications, including its annual magazine number 7 in 2018.

The popular wisdom of rising to the difficulties and promoting the culture of a particular nation, in a US blockade resistance, is part of the philosophy defended by these Commerce and Gastronomy entities whose workers devote themselves to the daily work of serving the inhabitants of the capital with pleasure.

Translated by ESTI

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