Healthy recipe of avocado wrapped with chicken breast

 For your taste a great and healthy recipe with avocado and chicken breast

Avocado wrapped with chicken breast

For: M.Sc. Dr. Alberto Quirantes Hernández

The avocado is consumed mainly in the form of salads, accompanying non-sweet dishes.

It is known as “green butter” because it is a food rich in fats good for the human body. It is one of the most complete, healthy and beneficial fruits during all stages of life.

This way to consume avocado is delicious, healthy and nutritious. Ideal to prepare a quick dinner that you can combine, for example, with some vegetable soup.

. Half ripe avocado.
– Juice of half a lemon.
– 1 teaspoon pepper (5 grams).
– 3 slices of cooked chicken breast.


So that the caloric level is not very high, it is sufficient to prepare in this case only half avocado, so that the maximum proteins are provided by the meat.

1. Chop half the avocado into three pieces.
2. In a suitable container, place the juice of half a lemon to moisten the three pieces of avocado.
3. Sprinkle with pepper to give it a much more intense flavor.
4. Finally, wrap each slice of avocado with its respective slice of chicken breast.
5. Give 3 servings.

Is amazing!

This recipe integrates the Cuban book HEALTHY RECIPES WITH TROPICAL FRUITS, with more than two hundred recipes to taste the palate and at the same time to fill health.

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M.Sc. Dr. Alberto Quirantes Hernández

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Teaching Hospital Dr. Salvador Allende

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