A decisive front for production

First National Conference of the Union of Agricultural and Forestry Workers. Photo: Ismael Batista

Sector workers’ proposals and concerns, emanating from grassroots trade union assemblies across municipalities and provinces of the entire country, were analyzed and discussed during the First National Conference of the Union of Agricultural and Forestry Workers




During the Agriculture Business Group’s discussion session — chaired by Salvador Valdés Mesa, a member of the Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee and a vice-president of the Council of State — the main problems present in the sector today at a national level, as well as possible solutions in the short, medium and long term, were discussed.

In this sense, difficulties were highlighted in the functioning of the innovators and rationalizers movement (representing workers who offer innovative solutions to problems) in several entities, where the provisions of Law No.38 on this particular issue are not applied.

Issues relating to the supply of materials to national industries were also noted, especially as regards nationally produced tin or plastic packaging, as well as the lack of specialized protective equipment across the network of wholesale stores.

Regarding solutions to these problems, it was explained that alternatives have been sought within the national industry itself, to substitute imports wherever possible, and in the particular case of packaging, other possible manufacturers within the Cuban market are being considered.

Meanwhile, managers of this Business Group reported that the so-called technological package, in particular fertilizers, chemicals and (to a lesser extent) seeds, was not delivered on time due to difficulties with external financing.

From the economic and productive point of view, in a general sense favorable results prevailed until the end of October. However, it was recognized that 13 enterprises saw a decline in their financial indicators, with losses and planned profit margins unmet, due to the fact that they did not reach planned production and sales levels, and experienced organizational and management problems.

Among delegates’ concerns raised during the conference was the prolonged storage of products in refrigerated warehouses, specifically the case of the Jagüey Grande Citrus Enterprise, an issue that results in stagnant production, impacting on workers’ salaries as produce does not immediately go to market and generate profits for the enterprise.

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