Annual Balance Assembly of UPEC Held in the Capital

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Annual Balance Assembly of journalists in Havana

At the meeting the work done by journalists in Havana was recognized


Written by Felix Ruben Alom


The Annual Balance Assembly of journalists in Havana took place on Friday and was held in the Polygraph Theatre.

The meeting was chaired by Mercedes López Acea, member of the Political Bureau and first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Havana; Enrique Villuendas, an official of the Ideological Department of the Central Committee; Antonio Molto, president of the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC) and members of national and provincial executive of the organization

The opening words at the meeting were given by Molto who recognized the results of the work done by the Provincial Delegation of the UPEC, which will inspire new challenges to continue serving our country without fear of difficulties.

This time they chose a new Member to the provincial executive of the UPEC in Havana, a journalist from Canal Havana and reported that Comrade Elvis Avila Lavilla ceases to be president because of illness.

The executive elected as new president of the organization in the capital Grisel Chirino journalist of Radio Cadena Habana.

In the debate Gabdiel Silva, head of Information Radio Metropolitana, raised that “communication in these times must be assumed with the technological supports they have and this requires exploiting them properly, and that goes through a process of professional development”.


Translated by ESTI

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