A school skilled in values

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The Julio Antonio Mella Elementary School is an example in the formation of new generations


What pleasures like entering a primary school and looking at the behaviour of children, seeing them raise their hands to answer a question asked by the teacher, listening to them solving mathematical problems, with complex equations, and doing so with courtesy!

So it is at the Julio Antonio Mella Elementary school, with its 191 students, from preschool to sixth grade, with nine groups or classrooms, smallish but with the mural, the symbols of the motherland, the TV, the black board, the bureau of the teacher, desks, textbooks and notebooks and the children.

Assistant principal, Caridad Machado, invited us to attend the math class, to see how it works to get children to participate in contests and how to guide, intelligently; the vocation and the permanent use of the values ​​that make a being become a better person.

In the blink of an eye the pioneers spoke of current and eternal dates and anniversaries such as the birth on February 6, 85 years ago, of the rebel man and wide-brimmed hat Camilo Cienfuegos; of the presence of José Martí, and even the International Book Fair of Havana which takes place this month, and February 14: the Day of love and friendship.

One can see that this school is integrated into the community where it is located, because the students visit the iconic Museum of Fine Arts, know about the vast repair of the Gran Teatro de La Habana, now named after Alicia Alonso, and the proximity of the sea with its coastal Malecon.

A lovely school and devoted teachers, some new, some in training, others experienced, and some retirees reinstated into education, such as the professor Mara Varela, 78 years old, and 37 of them always teaching preschool.

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