Cuba’s President will annually report to Parliament

Photo: Prensa Latina

The annual accountability of the President of the Republic of Cuba to Parliament is one of the novel aspects proposed by the bill discussed on Wednesday by the lawmakers in a study session.

Gathered in a virtual way, the members of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) learned about the proposed legal norm that regulates the organization and operation of the President and Vice President, positions that were approved with the country’s new Constitution.

The issue of the president’s accountability generated several interventions and explanations since the regulations specify the periodicity of the act to the Parliament, which according to Law 131 of the organization and operation of the ANPP and the Council of State, must be at least once in the legislature (five years).

The fact that it is set annually is a significant issue, MPs highlighted in the exchange, where legislators also detailed that the exercise will be orally and without the opinion of the committees.

Lawmakers pointed out the need to establish feedback mechanisms for the accountability of the head of State, so that the president really fulfills his function and does not become an appearance to that body.

The parliamentarians also referred to other issues related to the provisions in the absence of those positions, to clarify matters such as the competent body that would determine, for example, when an illness is disabling for the exercise of their functions.

Taken from Prensa Latina

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