Cuban president criticizes negligence causing major outbreak in Havana

Cuba dawned with 38 new positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday morning — the highest number confirmed in the last 28 days.  According to Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, a large part of them were attributed to the negligence of Havana residents in not respecting measures designed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  

Meeting with the temporary working group for the prevention and control of COVID-19, along with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, the Cuban president insisted that there can be no relaxation in any of the measures that have been implimented to halt the virus.

When evaluating these events, Diaz-Canel said that «the worst thing is that it has happened at a time when we were supposed to have enough control of the disease.  However, in the last four days, it has almost always put us above the 20 cases a day.  It’s a setback.»

«The reality is that there has been negligence,» he said, «and the repercussions of this fact have shown us that, even with the experience we have in confronting COVID-19, we still make mistakes, and every time there is an oversight, we can see what happens.»

Regarding these events, the governor of Havana, Reinaldo Garcia Zapata, added that in the last two days, of the 57 cases that have been diagnosed in the province, 44 correspond to the event at La Epoca, a store in Havana, the Cuban capital.  He said that of the 168 patients confirmed in the past two weeks in Havana, 106 are related to this event.

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz insisted that there can be no relaxation in any of the measures that have been indicated, since the call continues to be to strictly comply with everything that has been established, to raise the discipline and responsibility of the people of the capital.  It is necessary to take extreme the actions in some places, to review everything in detail, meticulously, he stressed.

Public Health Minister José Ángel Portal Miranda confirmed that the increase in cases that have occurred in Havana in recent days logically also affects the fact that this is the province that has the highest number of admitted patients.

Edited by Ed Newman

Taken from Radio Habana Cuba

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