Cuban President Confident in Link with the People

Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, expressed confidence in collective decision-making and the permanent link with the people


Today executives of several ministries will update in the Round Table TV Program the situation of the self-employed or private sector.

We are confident in collective decision-making and in the permanent link with the people, guaranteeing their participation in revolutionary tasks and in decision-making, he expressed in his Twitter account.

Modifications of self-employed work in Cuba, approved by the Council of Ministers, will be enacted this Friday, December 7.

As was previously declared by deputy minister of Work and Social Security, Maria Feitó, the new norms will allow to group the 201 existing activities since 2010, into 123, without affecting the taxes established on the contributors nor reduce the work modalities.

Also and to answer several demands from that sector, new figures are created in that employment sector, as the activity of bars and recreation, the bread and sweets, as well as the car-rental business, she exemplified.

As part of the more significant novelties, the official stressed the possibility of rentals to enterprises by home owners and the possibility of these to offer food previous permission from sanitary authorities.

She also expressed the faculty to licensed owners to delegate functions on a hired worker due to a long absence and activities are given permission to ask for a temporary suspension of the activity.

In Cuba, some 592 thousand persons are self-employed workers, representing 13 percent of all persons employed in the country, according to official figures.

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