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CCP congresses remembered through philately (part III)

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The 3rd Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (CCP) was convened in late 1985 but was held in two parts in 1986 


A new five-year labour agreement ended and at Tenth Plenum of the Central Committee on January 1, 1985 the call was sent out to celebrate the 3rd Congress of the CCP in December 1985.

Due to certain circumstances it began on February 4, 1986 at the Palace of Conventions, and extended until the 7th in what would be its first part with the participation of 1784 delegates and 186 invited delegations.

The opening remarks were made by Second Secretary Raul Castro Ruz who explained that the project of the First Program of the Communist Party of Cuba would be discussed and subsequently analysed in all organizations of the CCP and all other organizations at the congress in which all the people are grouped for their opinions, to approve the final version and what would be the second part of the event, the Deferred Session of the Third Congress, at the end of the year.

The central report referred to the intensification of the blockade by the United States on the island, terrorist acts such as the introduction of Haemorrhagic Dengue and the start of subversive broadcasts by the misnamed Radio Marti.

Despite this, with the involvement of a constant drought and the damage caused by Hurricane Kate, the economy grew steadily and the public health sector had important achievements. For the first time in Cuba a Labour Code, which benefits workers and especially to women, was enacted.

Derived from critical analysis the process of rectification of errors and negative tendencies would begin with the participation of the people.

On November 30, 1986, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the uprising of Santiago de Cuba, the Deferred Session giving continuity to the 3rd Congress begun in February, was initiated in the Palace of Conventions. The meeting was opened by Raul Castro and in its development the party’s program was adopted, the progress of the process of rectification of errors being well discussed.

The closing of this conference coincided with the thirtieth anniversary of the landing of the Granma on December 2. The speech was given by its First Secretary Fidel Castro Ruz.

Translated by ESTI