Radio Metropolitana Debates around Creation and Professionalism

Foto Félix Rubén Alomá 011
Director, announcer and scriptwriter, Félix León. Photo: Félix Rubén Alomá

Relevant topics related to the daily work of our radio station were on the table in the annual work report meeting


The challenge, as professionals of the media, is to air Havana’s social revolutionary project on the radio, through a much more tender, real, pragmatic and professional view… What’s wrong with our agendas? Is our speech timely and effective? These topics were at the core of the debates in the annual meeting in Radio Metropolitana in the Cuban capital city.

The role of the youth and their leadership for changes, the constant upgrading, the interaction with the public, the improvement of communication strategies in different platforms, the needed supply of basic resources to ensure quality in the process of creation and to work on lucrative projects, were some of the issues collectively approached.

Dr. Rolando Álvarez, as well as other specialists and leaders of the party, the trade union, the Cuban Journalists Union in the province and workers of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television were congratulated for their work in 2015.

Director of Radio Metropolitana Noevia Ichaso Rodríguez, called for creativity. About this she concluded: “We need multidisciplinary groups to lead renovation and fight off routine. We have a lot to give and defend from Havana’s radio to the world, we believe in youth and experience to bring this effort into fruition.”

Translated by ESTI

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