Havana Seeks Solutions to the Housing Problem

Ten communities are being constructed with the support of other Cuban provinces

The program, that started in 2012, aims to give a solution in the short and medium-terms to the housing needs in Havana


By Inés María Miranda  inesm@enet.cu

This December, the community located in Cuarta and Autopista, on the outskirts of San Miguel del Padrón, a municipality in the Capital, and one of the ten municipalities that are constructing houses, will finish nearly 250 houses with the support of Villa Clara and Cienfuegos provinces.

In this place, eight blocks have been built-up, having the elementary services, and 182 homes in five and four floor buildings, where more than 40 families, who came mainly from transit communities, are already living there.

To provide water to this increasing community a new mains pipe of four inches diameter that is extended along 1.5 kilometers in San Miguel del Padrón was necessary.

Thus, the Director of the Construction Management Group (Gecon), Orlando Virgil, said that nearly 1,100 houses are expected to be constructed for 2017 just in the community located in Cuarta and Autopista. As a premise, these economic houses substitute the ceramic tiles in bathroom and kitchen by stucco.

This is a way of constructing more in less time, and it’s a strategy of the program that began in 2012 as an answer to the housing needs in Havana. And more than 7, 300 families in the province, most of them lived in the so called albergues (shelters,) have received the benefit of this program since its beginning.

More than the 50 percent of housing in Havana has fair or poor technical conditions. This is one of the main problems in the Havana, and the possibilities of enlarging housing construction are mainly in the southern area.

Likewise, another nine communities are being constructed for those who for years have being living in transit communities or shelters because their houses were declared uninhabitable due to being in risk of partial or total collapse, among other causes.

The solution to this problem in Havana is being set in the short or medium-term, having not only the agility among its challenges, but also the quality of construction for the happiness of the future inhabitant.

Translated by ESTI

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